FROM 20 TO 22

FROM 20 TO 22


The festival team is very happy to move to Capvern-Les-Bains this year. About fifteen ski and snowboard movies French and international will be in competition during 3 days: the selection will be revealed at the middle of October. If you wish to enter the competition, download the application form to submit your film.
Download the application form to submit your film.


17h00 // 53min
Real: Lisa Monin et Sébastien
Prod: Babel Doc


BELIEVE (France)
17h50 // 27min
Real: Michel Garcia
Prod: Avalon Creative


22h25 // 12’14min
Real: Diego Borges
Prod: Diego Borges Films


JURY 2021


    Tiago Pires, also known by the nickname "Saca", is a recently retired Portuguese professional surfer. He was the first Portuguese male surfer to qualify for the WSL Elite Tour. Pires was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1980. He started surfing at the age of 9, winning the National Under-14 Championship in 1994 and the Under-16 in 1995. In 1996, at age 16, he joined the national circuit, where he met José Seabra, who became his trainer. In 1997, he beat several European juniors in Hossegor to contest the world junior title in 1998. There he faced Andy Irons, C.J. Hobgood and Taj Burrow, among others. In 1999 he joined the WQS (World Qualifying Series) for the first time. A year later he got his first WQS victory at Vila Nova de Gaia, and in 2007 he qualified for the WCT, finishing 31st and requalifying through the WQS. Then in 2009, he obtained a 24th place in the WCT, finishing 21st a year later, his best position in the standings. In 2013, a serious knee injury halted his progress, and his WCT run ended after the 2014 season. Even though he entered the qualifying circuit in 2015, he found "he didn't 'had more of the desire to compete than he had before ”. In February 2016, he announced his retirement. A few months later, "Saca", a documentary film about his career, premiered in Portugal].
    Jury President

    Koralie, is a contemporary artist. Originally from a small village in the “petite Camargue”, Koralie studied architecture in Montpellier (1995-2001), in parallel she began to exhibit, and discovered graffiti, a revelation which pushed her to paint on city walls since 1999. She becomes one of the first French woman to express herself illegally in situ. Painting, drawing and constructing models are her passions since childhood, she then quickly devoted herself to her vocation and became an established artist. Settled for 4 years in the Basque country with her husband SupaKitch (notorious artist) and their 2 children, after spending 4 years in Brooklyn and 4 years in Paris. She draws inspiration from her travels, different cultures and traditions from around the world: folkloric and traditional costumes, emblematic monuments, and animist rituals, which offer a rich aesthetic, a variety of symbols. She likes to break down borders by mixing elements of these different origins, traditional and contemporary, and wishes to create a dreamlike multicultural harmony. The elegance of her singular work translates into a search for graphic and ethnic balance that intertwine architectural (symmetry, repetition) and organic (weaving, braiding) geometry. Her techniques, her mediums and her tools vary according to her message and her projects: paintings on canvas or murals, sculptures in wood and weavings, vectorial drawings, installations, videos ...

    Jean-Sébastien is a former French professional surfer who grew up in Guadeloupe in the West Indies before settling in the southwest of France.He continued competitions until the age of 22 and obtained the titles of Junior French and European Champion in 2004 as well as Senior French Champion in 2008. After a few years on the WQS circuit and several significant results on the professional circuit, he decided to stop competing to resume his studies. He is now living in Capbreton with his wife Caroline Sarran, also a former professional surfer with whom they pass on their passion to their 4-year-old boy. Jean-Sébastien has held the position of Marketing & Online Director at Rip Curl Europe for ten years and which allows him to combine his passion and his work on a daily basis.

    Passionate skier and lover of board and ocean, Jacques Fagalde started surfing at the age of 16, first at the Côte des Basques and then at the Petite Chambre d'Amour d 'Anglet where he became the first regular rider. With a group of Bayonnais who also tried their hand at surfing on this beach, he founded the O Surf Club there in 1969. As a member of the Federation, he then took charge of the Sports Commission and thus welcomed the first Tahitian surfers coming to compete. our national championship. In 1972 he was elected President of the French Surf Riding Federation, to maintain it in Biarritz, Inspired by his ski qualifications, he set up in agreement with the teachers of the time, the Federal Brevet of Surf instructor in 1974. Leaving the world of surfing but not the ocean, the 80s saw him practice, a little further offshore, the Hobie Cat 14 and race at national and international level. In 1993, when all the clubs were brought together to create the Anglet Surf Club, he was named Honorary President… for life!

    Bertrand Gardini was born in 1969, lives in Toulouse and shares his time with Hossegor, a world famous surf town. Surgeon, start upper, sports enthusiast, Bertrand in many hats. He calls himself a "bad" surfer, but what he likes is the feeling of riding. He is the President of the NGO "Entender le Monde", which works in many developing countries concerning hearing problems and diseases. With him as a companion, always his faithful S38 board. He takes the opportunity to indulge in one of his passions, photography, the image remaining for him a unique means of transmitting emotions

    Based in Anglet, Elisa Routa has been working as a freelance journalist and writer for the last 15 years. Fascinated by the notion of movement, whether on the ocean, in her van o r riding her bike, Elisa is known for bringing her notebooks and analog camera across the world. She’s been documenting the universe of surfing and adventure for a variety of publications both in traditional media and in the digital arena (Surfer's Journal, Surf Session, Vogue Les Others, Herewith, …). Elisa has also been working as editor-in-chief of magazines dedicated to the contemporary vision of our oceans and the great outdoors. Her career allowed her to work as a writer for Conde Nast International, the prestigious American global media company. Today, Elisa is in charge of Warm Journal, a collaborative space dedicated to empowering the female voice within the beach culture through the lens of intersectionality and environmentalism. In December 2020, Elisa published her first book entitled Chroniques du Royaume, a logbook of a motionless travel (Editions Tellement, 2020).

    David Michel has been a journalist at L'Equipe since 2000. He is the surf specialist in the editorial staff and, several times a year, he reports to cover the most beautiful competitions, such as at Teahupoo, Pipeline, Jaws, Nazaré. In 2018, he wrote a book aimed at novices ("Take the wave", Ed. Solar) and he also co-directed a documentary on Jérémy Flores, "Dancing in the waves". It is possible to see him standing on a board at the Côte des Basques.

    Laurent Masurel is an aquatic man who became a photographer. Three times vice-champion of France in bodysurfing and 4th in the Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest in 1998, he has been photographing waves for more than 35 years and he has transformed this double passion for image and bodysurfing into a profession more than 20 years ago. years. His photos are published by boardsports magazines, the mainstream press or various publications such as the “World Stormrider Guide”. His last book as director of photography: "Line up" (Edit. Hondarra. With Pierre Nouqueret). Author of fifteen books and numerous exhibitions. Official photographer for the WSL (World Tour, WQS, Big Wave Tour, Pro Junior) and brands such as Patagonia, he travels the world on surf trips, not failing to share bodysurf sessions with his Hawaiian, Californian and French.

    Guillaume Grando (alias SupaKitch) is a French multidisciplinary artist with international influence. Born in the Parisian suburbs in 1978, he started graffiti at a very young age. This graphic approach will mark all of his work until his last work. Navigating landscapes between city and sea, the artist crosses the influences of an adolescence punctuated by hip-hop, design, architecture, sport and board culture. Today, his formal research work focuses on the very essence of gesture, movement, light and matter which become the central questions of his approach, strongly influenced by the experience of surfing, freed from all superfluous so that only the expression of the ripple remains.


The 17th edition of the International Free Ride Film Festival will occur from 20th to 22nd october, 2022, in Capvern-Les-Bains (France), in Pyrénées mountains.
During 3 days, a selection of the latest ski and snowboard film productions will be submitted to an international Jury composed of sports people, actors and journalists,…
The nominated movies will be shown – all entirely free and open to the public.
at the cinema of Capvern-Les-Bains, which will be adapted to the Palace of the Festivals.
Part of the cinema will include a village – open to the public – to wecome partners and professionals.


The International Free Ride Film Festival has built itself upon a strong goal: give recognition to the artistic merit of ski & snowboard films and enable a wider audience to discover them. With an ever growing creativity in film-making from directors around the globe and the evident lack of exposure given to these types of films in the past within Europe, the ‘ski & snowboard film’ deserved a fitting cultural and artistic event in its own right. In 17 years, the festival has progressively imposed itself as such.

The quality and diversity of the films showcased each year, proposing a rich variety of images and stories from the world of surfing, have made it an unmissable key event in the season. Presented by Bruno Delaye Production and the city of Capvern-Les-Bains, the festival is entirely free and open to the public – allowing for a moment of exchange and fun for everyone.

JURY 2021

The Jury is comprised of various personnalities from the word of mountain and medias.
It will be revealed at the beginning of January.


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We would like to reduce the environmental impact of our festival as best we can. Several transport options have been put in place to enable you to access the festival : by bus, train, car pooling or by bike if you can. 

Accessibility: adapted parking spaces are available in the public parking areas next to the festival, including an easy access to the festival venue.



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